Covid-19 & Nonprofits Part 1: Donors

Why Now?

  • Nonprofits have been canceling events.
  • Organizations are sending employees home to self-isolate.
  • Government and private funders require receipts or proof that the nonprofit spent money on programs.
  • Grants tend to be bound by restrictions on program execution and timeframe.
  • Grant-dependent organizations will be the hardest hit.

What Can You Do?

  • Understand.
    • Nonprofits operate on slim margins because the goal is to put money back into the community.
    • In order for a nonprofit to serve, it needs to pay personnel, rent, utilities, and so much more.
    • Small organizations may have less than 90 days of cash on hand.
    • Services may shut down temporarily.
    • Nonprofits are losing tens of thousands of grant dollars.
    • Continued services to the community may shut down forever without unrestricted, contributed support.
  • Give.
    • Donate the money that you spent on a pre-bought charitable event back to the organization.
    • Increase your annual gift. Even an increase of $20 will help a small nonprofit stay afloat.
    • Running services remotely will be challenging and nonprofits may need more money.
  • Support.
    • For those working to help others, it is crushing to be away from clients.
    • Send words of support to the nonprofit. A card, letter, or email will do.
    • Call out the good work that a nonprofit did last year, by saluting them on social media and providing a link to the organization’s website.

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